We accept investments in cryptocurrency, namely: USDT, BTC, ETH, LTC . The minimum amount for Investing - $ 100.

The minimum investment period in our company is 25 days , the maximum is 100 days .

Minimum output:
usdt - equivalent of $ 50
btc | LTC | ETH | TRX - Equivalent $ 100 .

The profitability in our company varies from 0.9% to 1.5% per day. Investors receive dividends From clean The company's profit. Our team pays part of the profit to investors, part of the money is added to our The main capital, and the remaining funds go to the marketing and development of the company.

We use improved site protection, which allows you to reflect most DDOS attacks, which allows Protect all investors from 3 persons. Also, all the capital of the company and investors is stored on several wallets of access codes to which only a few people from the team know, which allows you to protect funds and avoid attempts to hack or abduct capital.

Our team does not take any commissions for replenishment or entry into the company. All commission The company takes on costs.

Our team consists of specialists from different sectors of marketing and advertising. We We use advanced strategies in arbitration, as well as neural networks, which allows us to increase the number and The quality of the traffic that we supply to companies - partners, which allows you to improve traffic monetization And extract maximum profit.

You can track all the information about updates in the company in our social networks, as well as on the site in Section of News. You can observe all profitability in your personal account.

The main risk in the arbitration of traffic is unreasonable to distribute capital, as well as the allocated funds for Advertising, which will entail the loss of the advertising budget and subsequent losses. Our company has a specialist in The risk management that monitors all the processes in the company, and we also connect the neural networks to advertising rooms, which allows you to track low -effective advertising in advance.

The first step for investment is registration in the company and the initial Investments that you launch into work and get devices. Additional questions you can ask support on the site, or in the Telegram messenger.

Rules for withdrawal from the company - 80 hours .